Aileen Canaria

I first met Aileen through a biology class that we had together winter of last year. Even though we started off as two people thrown into partnership to complete a group presentation, it marked the beginning of a strong friendship. Aileen is simply put, a bundle of joy. She is always cheerful and full of optimism for the future. Even when she runs into obstacles in life and school, she never fails to pick herself back up and push herself to continue moving on. She is always there for her friends and so giving and generous to those around her.

Aileen has a very pure heart, but by no means is she naive. In a sense, she is wise beyond her years in her ability to perceive the goodness in the world and in people without judgment. I am grateful to her as a friend and as a person, and I have absolute confidence that she will go far in life. For this reason, I want to nominate her to be celebrated. Thank you for existing, being you, and being awesome!


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