Alex Osborn

Alex Osborn

A woman I have grown to respect more than anyone at the University of Washington would be one of my best friends, Alex Osborn. I met Alex last year when I moved in as a resident of hers late into fall quarter. At the time, I hated being at school, but her enthusiasm, laughter and determination as both a friend and RA, made me enjoy my time at UW. She is actually the reason I perused the position of becoming a RA and the reason I am still going to college.

What separates Alex from most people is her ability to balance everything. Alex was able to commute home on weekends, create a strong bond with people on her floor, work a second job, baby sit, and control her classes. I have never seen a more inspirational person in my life and I don’t think anyone will ever fill the position that Alex holds.

 I would not be the RA I am today or succeed as well as I am without her. I am thankful to have her as a friend, role model, inspiration, RA and a co-worker. I only hope one day that I can be as amazing as she is.


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