Alexa Forster

Alexa Forster

I met Alexa in 2010, and had no idea that by 2014 we would have become such good friends. We ended up on the same staff in 2011, and although her sass clearly outmatched mine, we made quite the pair. We have made countless pancakes together, have danced around to “Call Me Maybe” more than anyone should admit, have lived together, given statements at the police station together, and who knows what else.

The thing about Alexa, is that she is a genuine friend. With her, you never have to wonder if she’s going to support you when you need it most, because the reality is that she would drop everything and help you if she knew you really needed it. That’s pretty rare, and it doesn’t just show up in her friendships.

 Alexa is consistently going above and beyond at her job, not because she wants praise, but because she is genuinely invested in the work she is doing, and understands that sometimes that means going above and beyond.

Throughout the years she has proven to be one of the most genuine friends I’ve ever had. She has been a support through various life happenings, and has helped me move more times than I can count. I truly appreciate her friendship, and know there have been some times throughout the years where her support is truly what got me through. So thanks for being you! You are truly appreciated!


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