Ali Albrecht

Ali is a courageous, smart, efficient, and consistent colleague and has been a great addition to our team.    Her ability to plan, execute, and follow-through completely on her projects has been inspiring for the FYP team.  Not only does she do great work, but the FYP mission of empowering students to be confident learners is always at the forefront of her work.  It is not a coincidence that Ali holds the ideal of empowerment at the forefront of her work; she truly espouses the mission as it was a large part of her personal undergraduate experience.

Ali maintains a steadfast focus on making sure that students feel welcomed at the University of Washington and that they feel equipped with the information needed to make a successful transition. Within a year of moving to Seattle, Ali decided to extend her reach beyond UW and began tutoring students through the local YMCA.  Ali really thrives by giving of herself to others. Ali spends many hours behind the scenes completing complex planning.  She is very quick to work hard, but very slow to take credit.  We would like to celebrate her and the contribution which she has already made to our community!


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