Ana Wieman

ana Wieman

Ana Wieman is incredibly committed to helping the students of the College of Engineering succeed in their time at UW and after they graduate. She is very passionate about helping students develop skills that will help them gain internships and jobs after graduation, and she works hard to help students articulate what they have learned in class and in their out-of-the-classroom experiences to employers.

Ana has such great enthusiasm for her work that is shows in all interactions – she can bring the experiences of students looking for and working in internships, co-ops, and careers into almost any conversation. She nurtures relationships with students, and takes the time to understand what each one is seeking, what their relevant skill set and experience is, and how to help them in their educational and career journey.

 She also works closely with student organizations and maintains strong relationships with industry partners to help place students.  In addition, she is an enthusiastic partner to Housing and Food Services for the Engineering Theme Community.  In all these roles, Ana demonstrates her passion and commitment to improving the experience, both now and into their future careers, of Engineering students at the University of Washington.


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