Brook Kelly

Brook Kelly

Brook has been one of my biggest inspirations for the better part of a decade. She was first my academic adviser, then my supervisor, now my colleague — but throughout she’s been a true friend, enthusiastic supporter, and amazing touchstone of sanity. Brook’s moral compass is spot on, and her leadership in the workplace and in her own life inspires me to examine my own responsibilities and actions with new eyes.

Allow me to name just a few of the amazing things Brook contributes to the world and the UW campus: thoughtful advice for students in the Honors Program; support of generations of Bonderman Fellows in their explorations of the world and themselves; guidance for undergraduates undertaking the challenge of studying abroad in rural West Africa; a non-profit (that she founded) to improve maternal and infant health outcomes in that same West African country; hilarity, good humor and a ready smile. In addition, she advocates for and supports pregnant women as a doula, brews a killer beer, is a hell of a great backpacking companion, truly listens to and supports her friends and family with kind, personal wisdom, and has a healthy appreciation of kitten videos.

Brook, I wouldn’t be the same without you. I appreciate you each & every day. Thanks for being you. We’re so lucky to know you.


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