Celestia Higano

Celestia Higano

I have been working with Professor Higano (MD) for over 4 years now. I have been working in the past with many exceptional scientists and clinicians here and in Canada but I can truly say that Dr. Higano provides an outstanding service and the best of what the science and clinic could offer to the prostate patients treated at UW and SCCA.

I have known her to call patients from China or other faraway places on her personal time and dime to ensure that they are fine and to reassure them if there was a clinical situation demanding the attention of not only an on -call oncologist but as a personal professional commitment to her patients.
Patients come all over the United States and Europe for a consult and advice specifically to see Dr. Higano.

If there is any novel treatment, she would bring it in, making available to the UW patients.
She put the prostate cancer program of UW on the world’s map and still she travels most of the weekends all over the countries finding out the new and promising drugs being presented at the science conferences, just to make them available here at UW.

Sometimes, it is easy to overlook someone who is so close to home as for who they are: a brilliant scientist and a dedicated clinician, but this is what I have been observing for over 4 years and I think that if the name outstanding UW member should be given to a woman, this woman should be Professor Higano (MD).

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