Cindy Gudino

Cindy Gudino

Cindy joined the Dream Project during her freshman year and has been a committed mentor and leader since. She started off as being one of the first High School Leads/Liaisons at Auburn High School. Prior to becoming the High School Lead there, Cindy went the extra mile to establish a relationship with the school and the school administration by visiting the school regularly to speak with the counselor and the students.

After her success as a supportive High School Lead, Cindy dived straight into the High School Lead Manager role. She quickly transitioned into supporting nearly 40 High School Leads and helped them each establish a curriculum. Once this role ended, she led Dream Project’s Live the Dream Scholarship event for high school seniors who would be attending the University of Washington in the following fall. Cindy completely revamped the structure of the event by focusing solely on the experience and accomplishments of the scholarships recipients.

At the same time, she took on the role of External Relations, which allowed her to reach out to programs doing similar work and share resources, as well as creating a new role of Steering Manager to keep track of the 50 leadership positions in the program. Currently, Cindy is a College and Career Readiness Assistant at the school she started at, Auburn High School, where she continues the incredible relationships she built there. Most of her time is spent supporting College Bound students, meeting with almost every student to discuss post-secondary plans.


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