Cindy Wei

Cindy Wei

As a second-year Resident Adviser of Lander Hall, Cindy is a phenomenal resource and role model to her residents, her staff, and her peers. She has great knowledge in the pre-heath field and offers advice for pre-health or students taking chemistry courses.

 She is driven in her studies and is an incredible hard worker, inspiring and motivating everyone around her. She has demonstrated her leadership skills in Lander’s Human Genome Project program by creating an outline for the event with a list of everyone’s responsibilities and deadlines. She contributed hours of work into the event and initiated work parties, where the group created laminated items for the event in order for other RA’s to utilize them in the future.

 In addition, her hard work is displayed by the hundreds of colorful, ocean-themed decorations spread throughout her floor, where she has created an open and welcoming community. Not only is she extremely committed as a student and as an RA, Cindy has a great personality overall in that she cares for her staff, friends, and residents.


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