Darlene Zabowski

Darlene Zabowski

I would like to nominate Darlene Zabowski as Faculty giving exceptional teaching to SEFS and UW students. Darlene is an outstanding teacher both in small and large classes. She particularly relishes the opportunities to work with small groups of students in the field and to develop their understanding of how soil works and how it interfaces with the environment.

She has incorporated field and hands-on experience in as many of her classes as possible.  In the large “Introduction to Soils” class, she divides the class into smaller groups for field trips and labs to enhance their contact time.  She teaches four different soils courses (with one class combining seniors and graduate students) in a very effective way.

Many students have decided to take additional soils courses or contacted her after graduation about issues concerning soils.  She is also frequently approached by graduate students to serve on their committees. She also co-teaches the very important environmental resource assessment course (ESRM 304) required by CFR majors.

Darlene sets high personal standards for her teaching and tries to offer rigorous courses that also capture the interest of the student.  She has been an effective teacher and great mentor for many students.


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