Dorothy Bullitt

Dorothy Bullitt

Not only is Dorothy one of the most talented instructors I have ever known, she consistently demonstrates a deep, sincere commitment to helping students succeed outside the classroom, in their careers and beyond.

 I had the privilege of taking Dorothy’s Executive Leadership course during my second year at the Evans School. Throughout the course, she exemplified the same leadership qualities that she cultivated in her students, particularly:  respect, fairness, honesty, responsibility, supportiveness, and the ability to both communicate and listen effectively.  She created a classroom environment in which all students—even those normally averse to speaking up—were willing to express their ideas and be vulnerable.

 By doing so, Dorothy gave us the unique opportunity to cultivate our strengths, recognize our weaknesses, define our goals, and solidify our ideologies against the rich and vivid backdrop of thirty classmates’ support and feedback.  I am a better person because of that experience.

 Dorothy expresses her dedication to teaching and mentorship by making herself available to students well beyond class hours and office hours.  During the first two weeks of class, I sought out Dorothy’s advice regarding my role as Student Body President for the Evans School as well as strategies for onboarding new officers.  She set aside time for us to talk on multiple occasions and helped me develop onboarding materials that built the foundation of our student government’s teamwork and success.

  In preparation for student government meetings or, more currently, in addressing work-related challenges, I have frequently opened my Executive Leadership notebook and referred back to Dorothy’s lessons and advice. It is instructors like Dorothy that make the UW such an incredible institution.


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