Ebony White

Ebony White exemplifies everything that is right with the University of Washington.  She provides outstanding customer service both to students and to staff in event planning.  She is patient, friendly, understanding and politely persistent.  This last quality should serve as an example in a world increasingly excusing poor outcomes with statements like, “they just didn’t get back to me,” or “I sent an email, what more am I supposed to do?”  Ebony takes responsibility for ensuring that every step in the process is completed even when the responsibility for those steps is not in her purview.

Additionally, I can’t speak more highly of Ebony’s response time, which is so critical for those of us unfamiliar with the system. She takes on the role of educator, guide, policy implementer and cheerleader.  We could not have had two very successful career fairs this year without Ebony’s participation. First, the Society of Women Engineers “Evening with Industry” in January 2014, was a resounding success and the registration process which Ebony was responsible for went very smoothly.  She was gracious when we approached her late in the game and remained professional throughout our anxiety leading up the event.

Because of her track record, we again approached Ebony to for help organizing the first annual Engineering Career Fair in April 2014. All our concerns have been smoothly and professionally handled, and Ebony is to congratulate for that.  I look forward to working with Ebony again and again.

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