Elizabeth Paker

Elizabeth Paker

Elizabeth has been an incredible leader of the Dream Project for the past three years. She started as a High School Lead/Liaison at Global High School and despite experiencing many challenges, persevered. Subsequently, she was heavily involved in the fundraising aspect of the Dream Project and was a vital member of the planning committee for the first Dream Project fundraiser, Dare to Dream. With the success of the first fundraiser, Elizabeth continued to support the planning process for the second one. Additionally, Elizabeth has also been the leader for our Scholarship Selection Committee, in which she spearheads the selection process for the 17 scholarships we give out to Dream Project mentees.

For the past three years, Elizabeth has been in charge of this process and in planning the annual scholarship recipient ceremony, Live the Dream. Finally, Elizabeth has been most recently involved in the latest innovation of the Dream Project, the implementation of College and Career Readiness Assistants (CCRAs).

With the collaboration of other leaders, Elizabeth helped write a significant portion of the Race to the Top grant, which allowed the Dream Project to receive $2-3 million dollars in hiring CCRAs, who work in middle and high schools in the south King County region to support the work counselors do in raising the college going culture. She is the only student leader who is supporting all 18 CCRAs this year and has paved the way for the future years of this grant.


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