Hillary Kirby

Hillary Kirby final

Hillary joined Dream Project as a mentor at Chief Sealth and after three quarters of mentoring there, became the High School Lead/Liaison between Chief Sealth and the Dream Project.

As a High School Lead/Liaison, Hillary went above and beyond when supporting the high school students of Chief Sealth. She helped organize visits outside of normal visit times, made sure the mentees went to college prep events, and kept in contact with the students even after Dream Project starting working with new cohorts of Chief Sealth students.

Hillary helped create a family-like atmosphere at Chief Sealth where the mentors and mentees felt supported. She has kept in contact with former High School Leads/Liaisons of Chief Sealth by updating them on what is happening at Chief Sealth and she also has continued to support future generations of leaders at Chief Sealth.

Hillary also took on the Publications Portfolio in the Dream Project. In this role, Hillary has been able to design new publication materials such as yard signs, posters and other recruitment materials the Dream Project needs. Recently, Hillary has put countless hours into editing our workbook that consists of over 100 pages of content. For the past two years, Hillary has added necessary new edits such as an index and overall, thinks critically about how to help mentors best utilize the workbook, while still being cost efficient.


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