Jennifer Bhat

Jennifer Bhat works hard every day to help the residents of McCarty and Hansee Halls. She is a supportive and inspiring supervisor to student desk staff, and with her staff, she manages the all of the day to day operations of the desk to seamlessly support residents. When residents have special concerns or requests, she makes the time to meet with them, to fully understand their situations, and to do whatever she can to help.

Jen keeps track of an incredible array of information and details, and can bring up a specific resident, room, or key almost instantaneously. Jen’s in-depth knowledge of HFS procedures and policies means that she often has an answer for a question or problem that comes up.

If a situation is too complicated to be resolved immediately, Jen is great at coming up with a creative way to address it in a way that puts student needs first. Jen is kind, patient, and always positive, even when others make mistakes that result in more work for her. She is an excellent colleague, a joy to work with, and an asset to our residents!


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