JeongWon Choi

Jeongwon Choi

JeongWon is a Resident Adviser in McMahon Hall.  As an RA, JeongWon works closely with a floor of UW students.  She serves as a resource for them, helping them through any personal or academic issue they may have.  She helps them create connections with both the campus community, and with other students on her floor and in the building.

 She hosts social and educational events for her residents, working hard to make sure that each resident feels valued, included, and connected during their time at UW.  In this way, JeongWon’s contributions to the University of Washington are significant. Many students have JeongWon to thank, in part, for their ability to be successful at the UW.

In addition, in the Autumn Quarter, JeongWon led a social justice outreach effort in McMahon Hall, designing informative bulletins each month on important social justice topics.  Because of JeongWon’s hard work in this area, residents of McMahon Hall have learned and engaged in dialogues about issues of sexual orientation and coming out, race and ethnicity, and religious differences.  JeongWon is a highly motivated, caring leader, and greatly deserves this recognition.


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