Jessica Rashid

Jesica Rashid

Although this is Jessica’s first year on campus, she is already making a large impact, and shaping how grad housing will look at UW in the future.  She has a no-nonsense attitude, genuinely cares about her work, and wants her staff members to succeed. Weekly meetings with her were a pleasure, and in fact, I always left feeling more motivated, not just about work, but about life in general. Jessica shows genuine interest in her staff members, cares about their well-being, and is a great person to talk through life decisions with.

It’s rare, that you find all of those qualities in one person, and yet Jessica, as a supervisor is able to maintain professionalism and boundaries, while also developing meaningful relationships. I feel fortunate to have been on her staff, if only for a short while, as she provided me with insight that I don’t think will be leaving me any time soon.

I’m not sure if she knows it, but she taught me how to be better at asking for what I need, how to bring things up when I don’t understand my purpose, and how to be flexible. Jessica came into a brand new role with many questions unanswered, and still she has been able to create and shape this great community. She has a determination about her, that tells me grad housing next year will blow this year out of the water, and I truly look forward to watching her make it happen.


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