Jodene Davis

Jodene is a woman whom you always want on your team.  Whatever the task—from managing student grant awards to organizing office-sponsored soccer teams—Jodene consistently brings a level of professionalism, humor, grace, and humility to every environment in which she participates.

I had the privilege of working alongside her in the Center for Experiential Learning and Diversity where she expertly managed the Mary Gates Endowment for undergraduate student leaders and researchers for over a decade.  Not only did she bring a precision and thoughtfulness to the student side of the work, she built a wide network of faculty and staff to help cultivate a strong and diverse representation of engagement to support the health of the endowment program.

Jodene’s impact extends well beyond her daily job commitments, and you’ll often find her cleaning up after campus events, and providing quiet strength and insightful feedback behind the scenes.  I’m grateful to know and work alongside this amazing friend and colleague!


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