Katelyn Lawton

Katelyn Lawton

I met Katelyn October of her freshman year, as I was conducting interviews for Terry Student Council. She came into the interview, shared about her vast leadership experience in high school, and yet somehow didn’t seem to think she was going to get the Director position. However, I saw in her, the ability to do great things and gave her the position with the belief that she would make a great leader.

From the start, Katelyn took ownership of her role. I should mention that it was also my first year advising hall council, so I was new to the role and trying to figure things out as well, and she was patient and learned right alongside of me. She was consistently sending out meeting agendas and meeting reminders so that the group could stay on track and focused.

There are many different ways to lead, and Katelyn chooses to be humble. She is always eager to help out where she can, not for praise, but because she truly cares and wants to be helpful. She is truly an asset to any group she is a part of, and it was great to see her apply to be the Director of Programming this year, and to know that she would continue to develop her leadership skills and thrive in that position, not only creating opportunities for herself, but creating opportunities for her to engage and inspire others along the way.

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