Kathleen Farrell

In just one short year as a UW employee, Kathleen has made a tremendous impact across the UW campus, from her leadership work in the Graduate School, to co-organizing a day of reflection for the broader campus community.  The reflection work is particularly impressive with its expansive reach as it brings people together from a wide number of units and divisions.

I’m especially grateful and impressed by her attention to sustainability and the building of community structures that help grow and maintain reflective practices within institutional work.  This includes ongoing monthly reflection mornings organized around a particular theme, as well as daily intentions she sends to a smaller group of women dispersed across four separate campus units.

Kathleen is a star.  Not only does she bring extensive leadership expertise and vision to the Advancement work in the Graduate School, she offers a wonderful balance of warmth and strength that radiates out to much wider circles.  She’s an exceptional role model for both men and women on this campus regarding how to move great institutional work forward, while continuously seeking ways to personally learn and grow.

These skills show up in her day-to-day job operations, of course, but I’m particularly struck by the way she infuses her skills into her service commitments:  mentorship to undergraduate student leaders, offers of her (excellent) editorial skills to colleagues, and the drafting of grant proposals to develop institutional capacity through multi-unit collaborations.

I’m grateful to know and work alongside Kathleen.


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