Kiana Scott

kiana scott

As the 2011-2012 student body President of the Evans School, I had the pleasure of working closely with Kiana in her roles as Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) Senator and as our student government’s representative to GPSS.

Throughout the year, she impressed me with her commitment to the school and the University and with her thoughtful, reasoned approach to complex issues on our campus.  As the current UW Student Regent, Kiana takes her responsibility to understand the student perspective very seriously. She provides an active voice for student opinions and is always accessible to students and engaged in campus issues.

 In her work with ESO, GPSS, and the Regents, Kiana has dealt with differing opinions from students and the University administration.  Even in the face of unexpected challenges, Kiana has proven her ability to manage competing interests, quickly adapt to changing needs, and, all the while, exude nothing but diplomacy.

During the Save Evans campaign (a student-led initiative countering an Administration proposal to consolidate the Evans School with another program during the 2010 budget negotiations), Kiana provided constructive ideas, shared her experience in advocacy, and exhibited dedication every step of the way.  She attended meetings with the Regents and University Administration as well as town halls.  At every opportunity, Kiana shared her thoughts and perspective in a way that reflected her sound judgment and careful thought.

Kiana has devoted incredible time and energy to serving this University. The UW and its students are undoubtedly better for it.

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