Leah Panganiban


Leah is an engaged academic adviser who fosters inclusion, support, compassion, and gratitude amongst her advisees and colleagues.

While I have worked with many advisers, it is an excellent adviser, who is willing to put in the time that Leah does to maximize her advisees’ personal and professional experiences.  Because my office was next to hers, I often overheard some of her interactions with many students asking her, “Can you be my adviser?” and “You were really helpful.  Can I meet with you again?”  These are the types of relationships that Leah is able to forge with her students; ones that build trust, are meaningful, engaging, and result in students wanting to continue to meet with her.

Leah’s ability to critically think about processes has helped our advising office effectively manage our priorities, which have positively impacted our advisee cohorts.  She consistently has constructive, critical, and reflective questions that help us think about the effectiveness and efficiency of our advising work.  In addition to being an amazing colleague in our office, Leah highly values diversity and inclusion.  She seeks out newly hired advisers on campus and sets up time to have coffee or lunch with them.  She truly cares about how new advisers are welcomed onto our campus.

Leah is an advisor who has the ability to create meaningful interactions with her advisees and colleagues.  She has tremendous compassion and positive energy.  She is the epitome of what it means to include everyone. These traits, combined with her commitment to diversity and inclusion, and much more make Leah a joy to work with.  Our campus is truly fortunate to have a Superstar such as Leah.


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