Lindsay Szymanski

Lindsay Szymanski

Lindsay has been a long-time member of the Dream Project. Besides being an outstanding mentor at Renton High School for six consecutive quarters and supporting high school students throughout their senior year of high school, Lindsay has been an incredible asset to the Dream Project leadership team. After being a High School Lead/Liaison at AAA High School for three quarters, she was one of the first leaders to initiate a series of several big changes in the Dream Project class structure. In this time, the Dream Project switched from one lecture for all mentors into a two lecture system with one for new mentors and one for returning mentors; Lindsay was one of the first to be a Class Lead for the returning mentor lecture.

She was also involved in starting a series of Dream Project seminars and was the first to lead one, which was based on underrepresented populations in education. Lindsay was also a part of the planning committee for the first annual Dare to Dream fundraiser, which was hugely successful, and continued to support the second fundraiser as a speaker at the event.

Despite all of the ground-breaking work Lindsay has been a part of, she strives to look for ways to support and improve the program and is currently a Class Lead Facilitator, a role where she provides feedback to the current Class Leads who plan and execute the two weekly Dream Project lectures.


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