Madde Holdaas

Madde HoldaasMadde Holdaas is the Assistant Resident Director at McCarty Hall. Her position requires many things, including managing McCarty’s Hall Council, having one-on-ones with Resident Advisers, and engaging in conduct meetings with residents. It is a brand new position at McCarty, and Madde has done a fantastic job of setting the standard for excellence.

As a resident adviser at McCarty, I know I can always look up to Madde for advice and guidance. Her experience in the halls and her love of helping people makes her an invaluable resource in McCarty. She always has great ideas for how to make a program amazing, or how to help address a concern in the community. Most of all, Madde is the best at helping the RA’s grow into their roles and building on their strengths.

Beyond her work with helping the RA’s, Madde is also great with McCarty’s Hall Council. She helps them by advising the leadership and pushing the group to do their best at all times. The programs put on by McCarty’s Hall Council thus far have been incredible, and I know residents in the building and other halls appreciate the work done by Hall Council. With Madde’s help, both the members of Hall Council and the programs themselves are some of the most powerful forces in McCarty’s community.

All in all, Madde is who I nominate for celebrating UW Women because she’s not just a great person herself, but because she makes me, and everyone else she works with, their best selves.

Madison Holdaas embodies excellence as a student and as a staff member of HFS. She is a dedicated student, putting a tremendous amount of effort into her demanding classes in the College of Engineering. She frequently takes the lead in group projects, coordinating members’ efforts and ensuring that the whole group’s work is up to her high standards of quality.

 She balances the time commitment required for her classwork with a demanding position as an Assistant Resident Director. In this role, Madde directly contributes to making McCarty Hall a better place to live by coordinating and supporting the programming efforts of all Resident Assistants and Hall Council. Madde also challenges other student staff to excel, helping them to create inclusive communities for their residents. She finesses the difficult task of acting in a position of authority to her peers, encouraging and supporting them but also making expectations clear.

 In addition, she mentors and encourages the development of student leaders in the hall. Madde takes the time to get to know each student, to understand what motivates them, what they excel at and struggle with, and she uses this insight to take an individualized approach with each student.  As a result, the student leaders of McCarty Connection have shown exceptional growth this year, putting on high-quality, well-planned, creative programs that engage McCarty residents and residential students from across campus.