Mariam Yaqub

Mariam Yaqub

Mariam is one of the kindest women I know. Since I have started to attend the University of Washington, she has constantly been my role model. She always carries a positive attitude, and always cares about her residents. Even during a busy day, if you need to talk to her about something important, she will make time for you.

Having Mariam as a Resident Director makes living in McCarty Hall a much more positive experience. She also attends all of the Hall Council meetings that McCarty Connection has on Monday evenings, and often times she will go out of her way to make homemade food for us to help encourage us while planning many of our Resident Hall programs. Her personality shines through as someone who really wants to know her residents, and she really does take the effort to do so.

I nominate Mariam as an Outstanding UW Woman, because she is one. She’s new to the UW campus community this year, and to her job as a Resident Director (RD) with Housing and Food Services.  We are lucky to have her! Mariam has acclimated and adjusted beautifully to her new role, especially given that her first months here were filled with some particularly challenging situations, ones that may have flummoxed even a veteran RD.

 I observed that Mariam handled herself with grace, aplomb, and professionalism, and that she kept her senses of humor and perspective intact throughout.  She’s an asset to her residential community, to her staff, and I am not alone amongst her co-workers in finding her to be a joy to work with.

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