Marti Young

Marti Young

We write to nominate Marti Young as an Outstanding UW Woman based on her service to the University.  Marti dedicated herself to helping the UW launch the WholeU program by leading a Guinness Book of World Records for a kettle bell workout on January 24, 2014.  She could have rested on her laurels at that time.

Instead, Marti sent out an invitation to the January 24th participants, inviting us to sign up for more individual instruction from her.  Twenty staff signed up for a 12 p.m. workout and twenty for a 12:30 p.m. workout.  Others were placed on a wait list.  I think we all believed it was a one-time follow-up intended to reinforce what Marti presented on January 24th.

That one workout was not enough.  Marti was fierce in her commitment to us.  She designed a workout that could be executed in 15-20 minutes.  She cut no corners in ensuring we warmed up and ensuring proper form.  She took the practice beyond wellness as a physical activity and personally acknowledged participants for other contributions they were making to improve their overall wellness.

 With her expertise, it would have been easy for Marti to lead a proper workout; however, she put her heart into it and engaged us.  Her inspiration and touch go beyond the 40 privileged “Garage Brawl’ participants as groups have formed for lunchtime workouts.  If you have the privilege of knowing Marti, you will understand that even this is not enough.  She continues to write articles for the WholeU and provides ongoing expertise and encouragement through “Heavy Metal Caucus” on Facebook.

It is therefore an honor to nominate her for this recognition.


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