Ruth Johnston

Ruth Johnston

Ruth Johnston exemplifies a true leader. She has served in various capacities across campus for over thirty years, with much of that time in key strategic areas, such as Residence Halls, Financial Management and the School of Nursing. In her current role as Associate Vice President for Finance & Facilities, Ruth’s vision and leadership have been vital to translating the goals of the UW Climate Action Plan and Environmental Stewardship Committee into realities, and she has been instrumental in the development of policy and ensuring adherence to institutional commitments.

An outcome from these efforts was the creation of the Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability office, which has grown over five years from an idea to a university resource that offers significant sustainability services to departments and organizations across all three UW campuses. Under Ruth’s guidance, the office coordinates reporting for UW’s sustainability efforts helping to attain a global reputation for environmental leadership.

In addition to Ruth’s many accomplishments, she is a great leader who includes diverse groups from all levels and areas of the institution to create unique and constructive collaborations. Ruth catalyzes creativity and encourages personal development of those that she works with, leading to stronger group cohesiveness. Ruth’s commitment to organizational excellence and innovation in academics are incredible assets to our university, and her many accomplishments deserve this recognition.  Ruth’s humility and no-nonsense approach inspires others to do their best, a hallmark of true leadership.


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