Sara Mackenzie

I’d like to recognize Dr. Sara Mackenzie as a woman more than worthy of celebration for her outstanding contributions to the University of Washington community. Her tireless commitment to student learning and wellness are widely known. In the nearly two years that I have worked with Dr. Mackenzie, I’ve become increasingly impressed by her ability to not only wear multiple hats but to wear them exceedingly well.

She assists students as a Physician while working at Hall Health Primary Care Center. She is also a Clinical Assistant Professor committed learning on an individual level, teaching several classes a year to a wide range of students. As Director of the Public Health Major she has guided the program towards rapid growth and improvement.

Last but not least, as the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education within the School of Public Health, Dr. Mackenzie has expertly guided and coordinated the recent proliferation of undergraduate public health education available on this campus.

Always busy beyond comprehension but continually pleasant to be around, Sara works with a wide range of constituents in nearly every corner of this campus all the while being universally adored for her unique mix of hard work, intelligence, compassion, dedication and positivity. So, it is with great pride and on behalf of countless students and colleagues that I nominate Dr. Sara Mackenzie.


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