Sara Shores

Sara Shores

It is my honor to nominate Sara Shores, UW Seattle Campus Arborist for recognition. As a female in a typically male-dominated field and role, Sara excels past many challenges.

She performs her job with utmost integrity and attention to customer service; is a model for safe and efficient work practices; is responsive, respectful and supportive of her fellow coworkers and clients; has a fantastic attitude; and goes above and beyond her job duties to engage with the student body and promote the University.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Sara is her ability to negotiate many priorities and stakeholders. She gets along with everyone in and outside of the grounds shop, and really values and promotes teamwork and collaboration as a means to effectively and enjoyably get the job done.

Beyond her main duties as the campus arborist, Sara has sought out opportunities to engage with and improve our campus community. She has mentored students in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences as they progress through their thesis or capstone projects. She initiated and led the process to get our campus recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation as a member of Tree Campus USA, and organizes an annual volunteer tree planting accordingly.

Remarkably, she has triumphantly overcome a fear of public speaking and now serves as a guest speaker in UW SEFS courses and was recently a keynote speaker at the annual Women in Arboriculture Conference. Although I no longer work directly with Sara, I continue to admire and think of her as an important mentor.


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