Sarah Ma


There are many women in my life. There are many women that I know at UW. But, the one who has contributed to making me who I am today would be a good friend of mine, Sarah Ma.

 Being an out-of-state student made me nervous before I came to the UW. I didn’t know anyone before coming to the UW and was anxious and scared about the people I would meet here. With-in the first couple weeks, I had met Sarah. I don’t quite remember out first meeting but after that initial meeting, I saw her constantly.

 She never failed to say hi to me and greet me with a smile on her face. I knew she wasn’t forced to be friends with me since, she didn’t live with me. She gave me the confidence and courage to start meeting new people and strike up conversations with them.

 Seeing her when going to club activities kept me going to them, because who doesn’t like having a friend in a place with so many new people. When applying for leadership positions, she was always encouraging and always pushed me to be my best. She was always open to talking to me, if I just needed someone to listen. All in all, I just want to thank her and let her know that she has been a positive impact on my life. So Sarah, thank you!


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