Sarah N. Hall


Sarah Hall consistently brings energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism to her role as Director of Planning and State Operations with the Office of Planning & Budgeting. Sarah has a strong moral compass that guides her actions and makes her an exemplary public employee. Every project she works on and every analysis she does is thorough, thoughtful, and sound.

Working under her leadership for the past year and a half, I have observed how she is never willing to let long hours and a challenging workload erode the quality of her work or her willingness to make time for others. Coworkers in our office see her as a mentor and regularly turn to her for advice.

In addition, Sarah goes out of her way to ensure her subordinates get the support they need, receive credit for their work, and have ample opportunities for professional development. I have learned immensely from Sarah, thanks not only to the time she has taken to onboard me as a new employee, but also thanks to the opportunities she has given me to take the lead on projects, make mistakes, and learn for myself.

Moreover, as a new mother, Sarah is a role model for young women in our office and across campus who hope to start families while pursuing a career. She impressively strikes a healthy, conscientious balance between being a committed employee and a committed mother. The UW is fortunate to have such a dedicated, conscientious employee leading its planning and state operations efforts.


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