Sonya Cunningham

Sonya Cunningham

I am delighted to nominate Sonya Cunningham for Celebrating University of Washington Women 2014. Sonya is new to UW, having arrived in August 2013 to be the program coordinator and academic adviser for our new Washington State Academic RedShirt (STARS) program, to support low-income and educationally disadvantaged freshmen in Engineering. Sonya arrived and began the difficult challenge of preparing for a cohort of freshmen who would arrive in less than two months’ time.

She brings a wealth of experience working with disadvantaged students to UW and hit the ground running.  She planned a seminar for the students on critical learning skills.  She meets often with her students and has the tough conversations with them about their academic progress and choices. She cheers for her students when they do well and is always thinking about how she can do the best for them. I recognize how fortunate we were when Sonya appeared in Seattle just as our job was posted.

Besides the fact that she is benefiting our students so much, she is such an enjoyable colleague to work with. Kentucky’s loss is Washington’s gain! I am happy that Sonya can be recognized through Celebrating UW Women 2014.


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