Vikki Chiang

I nominate Vikki Chiang because she is an amazing student and friend. She balances school, social life, and work and has excelled in all fields. She has also been accepted to the fast-track nursing school program. Vikki can always cheer someone up when it looks like they’re having a bad day, and she always puts others’ feelings before her own. She makes small, but meaningful impacts on the days of those around her, and never have I met anybody who has a not positive thing to say about her.

I would like to nominate Vikki Chiang for Celebrating UW Women 2014.  Vikki exemplifies integrity, compassion, and kindness on a daily basis. 

As a Resident Adviser on the McMahon North staff, Vikki dedicates an incredible amount of thought, care, and energy to her residents. Last quarter Vikki left notes of affirmation on each of her residents’ doors and recently, Vikki folded paper cranes for every one of her residents. Additionally, Vikki recently took a lead role in planning a campus wide program “Ask the Sexperts” featuring a panelist of community leaders. 

Beyond her role as an RA, Vikki volunteers her time to the Bailey-Boushay House, a nursing facility for people living with HIV/AIDS. Vikki also recently was admitted to the nursing program at UW and aspires to become an OB/GYN Nurse.


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