Carly Holstein

Carly Holstein

UW Bioengineering celebrates Carly Holstein. In the words of Dr. Elain Fu, “Carly’s academic performance is excellent. She is an NSF fellowship recipient and actively engaged in research in the department. She is conducting research under the mentorship of Dr. Paul Yager to develop a paper-based diagnostic for influenza detection. Carly is also active in student organizations. She serves on the organizing committee for the Bioscience Careers seminar series, which features Ph.D.s  who have pursued careers outside of academia.

In addition, she helped to organize a panel discussion to educate undergraduate and graduate students about intellectual property issues that are relevant to students doing laboratory research. Carly has also been involved in many volunteer activities for the BioE department. She helped with Bioengineering’s recruitment efforts, volunteered at Engineering Discovery Days, served on the planning committee for BioE graduation, and even helped staff the event. Carly has been directly mentoring two students, and has served as a resource for many others.

Carly also actively promotes women in engineering. She is a member of an outreach organization, called Time to Invent, which runs a monthly after-school “lab” session for 5th-grade girls at Northgate Elementary School with the goal of exposing the girls to engineering as a fun possible future career path. More informally, Carly has been a supportive advisor, and positive role model, to many of the undergraduate women in the lab on academic and career development topics. In summary, Carly’s accomplishments and activities make her an outstanding choice for this honor.


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