Alexandria Kennedy

Alex is an incredibly bright, positive, and ambitious young woman.  Alex has done a phenomenal job leading a group of students in Elm Hall this year as they plan large scale events and discover their leadership skills.  The students in Elm Hall Council look to Alex as a role model and someone they can rely on when they need help.  Alex forges excellent relationships with students and staff alike, and she works to get to know each student’s academic and personal ambitions not because she has to, but because she genuinely cares about their success.  She has done a great job working collaboratively with myself and other professional staff, and has been pivotal in the success of Elm Hall this year.  I have never worked with someone who has so much energy and enjoyment for icebreakers, recognition of individual success, and who maintains a positive attitude even in the face of adversity.  As Alex pursues a potential career in Student Affairs and/or physical therapy, she is bound for greatness in anything she does because of her kindness, positivity, and can-do attitude.


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