Ali Kirsch

Ali Kirsch absolutely deserves to be celebrated as an outstanding woman at the University of Washington. Ali and I have had the opportunity to get to work on a plethora of projects together including move-in, several recruitment processes, and various committees over the last year which has allowed me to see how hard of a worker she is. She is able to balance a great deal of work in day all the while having a positive attitude and a smile on her face constantly. She is the first person to offer assistance or help if I need it and I know that if I have a question I can call and she will drop almost anything to help me find an answer. I also enjoy the opportunities that we get to brainstorm and collaborate to find new and innovative ways to solve a problem or find efficiencies in the processes that we manage. When we work together, we get even more work done than we do when we work individually. We have become each other’s right hand women in our positions in Residential Life and I am grateful to have her as a wonderful colleague and an even better friend.

Not only has Ali Kirsch been a fabulous coworker for the better part of the past three years, but she has also become a wonderful neighbor and friend to me that I am so very appreciative of. We met in high school, despite being from different parts of Washington, through a political leadership camp, and we able to reconnect as Resident Advisers in Alder Hall three years later. This was when our friendship really blossomed and where I first learned what an enormously loyal and generous person she is. We had the opportunity to work on multiple programs and projects together, as well as work through some difficult staffing issues. I have never seen her hesitate to offer her support to anyone needing it. Most recently, I have been lucky enough to continue working with her in a professional capacity in Residential Life and could not be happier. Just like when we we RAs, she continues to support me both personally and professionally. I am very fortunate to have Ali in my life to provide support, laughs, and unconditional love.

My relationship with Ali started when I came to campus for my on-campus interview last March. She showed me around the city, showed me her apartment, and took me to Golden Gardens beach for the first time. She was so welcoming and friendly I hoped that I would get to work with her in the future. Sure enough, I got the job and now I get to work with this amazing individual.  Ali is always there to help when I need it.  She’s dependable and I know that I can always count on her when I need someone to talk to. She’s a great sounding board for me and she’s dedicated to producing good results. She makes work fun and I truly enjoy having the opportunity to work with her and to have her as a friend.

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