Amy Collins

Amy Collins

Amy works in UW’s Counseling Center, which provides support and guidance to students experiencing a multitude of challenges.  It is in her capacity serving as the liaison between the Counseling Center and Housing and Food Services that I have primarily worked with Amy.  As a Resident Director in one of UW’s residence halls, I work with Amy on cases involving students experiencing mental health or other significant concerns.  While unfortunately this year in particular has seen a very high number of students with these concerns in my community, I have greatly enjoyed working with Amy on these multiple cases.  Amy is an incredibly caring, student-centered practitioner, whose keen insight has helped me in many different ways.  I enjoy picking up the phone and asking Amy for advice on working with different students in my area – she always helps bring perspective and professional guidance to consultations, while also adding a personal touch.  Amy has been a great help to several of my RAs who have encountered and helped us work with students in crisis, helping them to maintain their own self-care as they work to support students in their position of peer leadership.  Amy is a phenomenally effective professional who cares deeply about students and staff alike.  I am continually inspired by her passion, care, and support, and see her as a truly valuable addition to the UW community.  Amy is greatly deserving of this recognition.


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