Anisha Agrawal

It is with great pleasure that I am nominating Anisha Agrawal to be recognized at the 2015 Celebrating UW Women reception.  I am fortunate to have worked with Anisha for two years in a row, first as a Executive Board Member for MacCity Hall Council and then as a Resident Adviser.  It has been truly wonderful to see Anisha transition from one leadership role to another with grace and poise. Anisha truly cares about her residents, and strives create a supportive and inclusive community on her floor. When meeting weekly with Anisha, I often leave feeling inspired by her positivity and sense purpose. Anisha always gives 100% in every task she takes on, motiving others on our the RA staff to dig a little deeper. I am confident that Anisha will go on to do great things when she graduates from UW.

Anisha is one of the best people I have met in my two years at UW. She does so many things for our community and deserves recognition. Not only is she impressive academically, double majoring in Law Societies and Justice and Public Health, she is also one of the best Resident Advisors on campus. She is so devoted to her residents who all trust and appreciate her. On tops of her already impressive load she is also involved in the Dream Project on campus. She love her group and encouraging high school students to work hard and that they have the ability to make it to college and improve their lives. Putting leadership roles aside, Anisha is the best friend anyone could wish for. She is always there for her friends when they are feeling down or struggling. She is the one who will be your work out partner and push you to do your best, but she can also be the person who will watch TV and eat ice cream out of the container. Anisha excels in so many areas she a truly amazing UW woman.

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