Ashley Kuhn

In her time at UW, Ashley has demonstrated outstanding commitment to her fellow students through her leadership and dedication. She constantly challenges herself to go the extra mile to improve the intellectual and extracurricular environments on campus. As a result, she has excelled both inside the classroom and out. As a student, Ashley is studying both Business and Political Science. She was a freshman direct admit to the Foster School of Business, and is currently enrolled in its honors program. She has consistently earned top grades in her classes and maintained a position on the Dean’s list. What is arguably more impressive, however, is Ashley’s leadership outside of the classroom. She is an established member of Undergraduate Women in Business, has participated in numerous case competitions through the Foster School (and has won several of them), and currently serves as the Editor in Chief of the Washington Undergraduate Law Review. Under her watch, the law review has expanded in scope to become the premier pre-law society on campus. Her leadership has dramatically increased membership in the club, the frequency and accessibility of events, and a new online platform for publication. Ashley’s accomplishments clearly demonstrate that she exemplifies the traits of an outstanding woman. In less than two years on campus, she has already left a mark that will be remembered for years. Ashley’s work ethic, commitment, and leadership make her not only an invaluable part of the campus community, but also a role model for all future huskies.

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