Brenna Mulvany

Brenna is an Office Assistant in Haggett Hall, which is one of the largest residence halls on UW’s campus.  As one of the Haggett Office Assistants, Brenna’s job is to support the Haggett Resident Director and other staff in the Haggett Residential Life Office.  Brenna manages the phones, makes posters advertising our community events, handles important administrative tasks, runs time-sensitive materials to offices across our large campus, as well as various other tasks that support the hall.  Brenna’s work supporting Haggett is invaluable to Haggett’s success as a well-functioning residence hall.  She has certainly saved my bacon more than a few times in her time in Haggett, which is even more impressive considering she only began two months ago.  As a new member of Haggett’s staff team this quarter, Brenna has demonstrated that she is a quick learner with an extremely positive attitude – qualities that are very helpful for an Office Assistant to exhibit.  She is a truly valuable addition to the Haggett staff family, and greatly deserves this recognition.

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