Brittany Nimeh

I am honored to nominate Brittany Nimeh for this recognition. She works tirelessly for her staff and coworkers on a daily basis, always giving her all without needing recognition. I enjoy working with Brittany immensely because of the way she brings humor and laughter to her work; she always manages to bring a smile to my face. For every committee that I have been on with Brittany, she is always the first to volunteer and take on a task, and stays focused and committed to the program until all of our goals and expectations have been met. She is always making sure to check in with others about how they are doing, and will take time out of her day to connect with someone and offer her support.  Brittany is enthusiastic about supporting her two RA staffs, one at Nordheim court and the other in Family Housing, and develops excellent and supportive working relationships with all of her student staff. Brittany works exceedingly hard, offers a helping hand to her co-workers, and is such a supportive supervisor. However, she not only excels in all of these areas, but I am happy to call her a wonderful friend, one so deserving of this recognition!

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