Chelsa Ayers

Chelsa Ayers

Chelsa Ayers is a proud student advocate, motivational mentor and fiercely loyal friend.  Chelsa jumped into several leadership positions within ASUW student government from day one and has never missed a beat since.  She ran ASUW Ambassadors to help incoming students get involved.  She is amazing at getting students to be active whether it be through developing campus leaders, registering students to vote, or lobbying for education in Olympia. Chelsa has served as UW Leaders Director, a leadership development and peer mentoring program.  She facilitates meaningful, fun workshops, builds a strong supportive community within the program, and mentors individual students.  She is also serving as a Student Affairs assistant and a Marketing and Development assistant to get more experience in student engagement and in the field of student affairs. She has served on Husky Leadership Initiative (HLI) committees for four years and it has been a pleasure to watch her grow and give back to the UW in so many ways.  One example of her HLI work is when she co-hosted a large U Lead We Lead event with several hundred students, faculty, staff, alumni, and she invited attendees to engage in meaningful table conversations after listening to prominent leaders deliver short inspirational talks.  I cannot wait to see what adventures Chelsa pursues as she will be a force to reckon with wherever she goes.

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