Dee Reynolds

Dee Reynolds deserves to be recognized because of her untiring commitment to and hard work on behalf of the students who live in McCarty Hall. Maintaining an older building that houses over 700 students is no easy task, and Dee accomplishes this through hard work and determination. Through her leadership of the custodial staff team and coordinating with other colleagues in Facilities, Dee ensures that McCarty continues to be sparkling clean and well-maintained for its last year standing. Even in the face of complicated or recurring issues, she maintains a sense of humor and continues to advocate on behalf of the residents. She demonstrated this combination of tenacity and humor when residents reported a strange beeping sound. Dee investigated thoroughly, returning over and over to the location and trying to figure out what equipment might be involved, without becoming frustrated or irritated, until she was able to determine where the noise was coming from, and address it. This is all impressive enough, but it is made even more so when considering that Dee has faced numerous health challenges over the last couple years. Even when managing these difficulties, Dee maintains her focus on the student experience and on the high standards she has set for the building.  She is truly a UW woman who should be celebrated!

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