Donna Bolima

Dr. Donna Bolima has worked with the University of Washington Upward Bound Program (affiliated with the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity) since 1988. Over the years, she has taken on several positions within the program (including Academic Counselor and Technology Instructor), but she currently works as the English Writing Instructor. Additionally, Donna co-teaches weekend PSAT/SAT preparatory workshops (with her focus on the verbal/written portions of the test). Donna has been described as the “mother” of the Upward Bound program. She is extremely warm, friendly, and caring, and is the person a student goes to for a great big hug. When I was a high school student in the program, Donna helped improve my writing skills and never failed to provide support when I faced great challenges. Over the past few summers, I was given the opportunity to work alongside Donna and the rest of the Upward Bound team, and it has been nothing but a pleasure to be on the other side of the program and see how much work actually goes into it. One summer, Donna offered to give me a ride home almost every single day, something that really demonstrates how caring of a person she is. Aside from this, up until a couple of years ago, Donna also taught a Bridge course for recently graduated seniors admitted to the University of Washington. This course focused on college preparedness, with tips on how to be successful and develop strong study habits. Moreover, Donna has been an instructor at Cascadia Community College for years now. This hardworking and most caring woman deserves to be recognized for her many accomplishments. The work that she does has influenced many lives, helping low-income and first generation students get to college year after year. Donna loves her many cats, spending countless hours with her grandchildren, photography, and attending cultural festivals. She is a former University of Washington student who holds a B.A. in English (Writing Emphasis) and Gender Studies, an M.A. in Education, and an Ed.D in Curriculum Leadership (Special Study in Visual Literacy).

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