Fina Marino

Fina Marino has worked with the University of Washington Upward Bound Program (affiliated with the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity) since 2001. She currently works as the Academic Counselor, but is so much more than that to the many students she has worked with. Fina has been described as the “enforcer” of the Upward Bound program. This is meant in the most positive way possible. Many high school students have yet to develop the skills necessary for college success. That is what the Upward Bound program aims to achieve. Through the program, Fina gets the opportunity to work closely with low-income and first-generation high school students, by coming to the schools and helping them develop the necessary skills to get into college and be successful throughout their college careers and beyond. Because of this, she sometimes has to show some “tough love,” explaining to students the reality of college and working with them to set them up for success. This is why she is sometimes referred to as the “enforcer.” Nevertheless, year after year, students always come back and thank Fina for her words of wisdom and direct approach, as it always contributes to future long-term success. Whether it is working with students on time management, class attendance, administrative skills, study habits, or seeking financial resources, this woman does it all, and does it well. She has a knack for working with students on an individual level and ensures that these college-bound students can be high achievers. Many people turn to Fina when they need advice. She always provides an ear to listen and helps guide students to make the right decision given the circumstances and their situation. When I was a student in the program, Fina worked with me on my personal statement for my University of Washington application. She also provided support and guidance when I faced peer conflicts, and helped me develop conflict management skills. This support has extended well beyond my high school years into my college experience, with Fina still being someone I turn to. Most of Fina’s work revolves around the college admissions process, scholarship searches, financial aid assistance, class selection, and ensuring students are on target to graduate. Her years of outstanding service has helped so many get into college, and deserves to be recognized. Outside of this, Fina loves spending time with her family (especially her grandson), and attending shows and family parties. She holds a B.A. in Sociology.

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