HaiDang Tran

HaiDang Tran

HaiDang Tran is, in one simple word, awesome. She is one of the funniest, warmest, and down-to-Earth people you will ever meet, and for that reason she more than deserves a nomination for Celebrating UW Women 2015. I have had the privilege of working with HaiDang as an RA in McCarty Hall this year and have found her to be an outstanding RA, a supportive coworker, and an overall great person. She is always there for her residents, whether helping them through hard times, studying with them, or just staying up late cracking jokes. As a co-worker she will support all of your efforts, join in when she can, and take the time to acknowledge your contribution to the team. If you’ve ever gotten the chance to just talk to HaiDang, you will see what I mean. She is undeniably and unashamedly herself, and that is something we can all admire. This might become apparent when you talk about the recent SNL episode and she professes her deep love for Bill Hader. Or maybe you come across her when she’s reading Anime and her ability to talk about it for hours comes out. Then there’s her passion for KPOP, which becomes clear when looking at her music library or the time she made a KPOP mug during a staff outing to Paint The Town. We can all take a note from HaiDang and embrace ourselves fully, knowing that the personality quirks that make us unique are what make us special.


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