Hannah Lampert

Hannah Lampert

Hannah Lampert is an AWESOME, strong, independent young woman who is undoubtedly going to change the world with her energy, ambition, and commitment to helping others.  Hannah currently works as an RA in the Pre-Health community, and demonstrates excellent role modeling for her residents through her involvement in HOSA, her volunteer work, and her strong academic habits.  Hannah brings energy to her community, and her residents love getting to talk to Hannah and learn more about her.  Hannah has great empathy and listening skills, and is able to help residents successfully navigate challenging situations.  Hannah balances all of her responsibilities flawlessly, and does so with an open heart while bringing FUN to her work.  Hannah has been a pleasure to supervise, and has made me a better person and challenged me in ways I never could imagine.  Hannah demonstrates an interest in diversity, philosophy, and classics, in addition to her extensive passion for the medical field.  I have loved getting to know Hannah, and she always brings great passion and energy to her meetings, and is constantly looking to improve.  I only hope Hannah returns for another year, and regardless, I have no doubt she is going to change the world!

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