Holly Barker

Dr. Holly M. Barker is an esteemed researcher, professor, and mentor in the department of anthropology and a curator in the ethnology lab at the Burke Museum. She continues to inspire her colleagues and students through her compassionate and fervent efforts to promote the value and relevance of every culture in our ever-changing world. Holly exceeds her required responsibilities as a professor and curator by decolonizing the classroom environment, a unique teaching method that encourages students to express their thoughts, learn from one another, and be more open to new perspectives and cultures. Her insightful lectures and discussions, flexibility to meet with students outside the classroom, and genuine concern for the wellbeing of her students in their academic and other successes reaffirm her renowned dedication and resourcefulness within the department and Burke Museum as well as outside of the university. In addition, Holly actively works to connect students with local volunteering organizations that match their passions and advises several undergraduate students with their independent and honors research projects. Consequently, she has sparked a dynamic wave of diverse undergraduate students who strive to spread awareness about pressing global and local issues through meaningful, holistic research and activism efforts. Thanks to Holly, students are equipped to pursue their academic and professional passions and feel empowered to make a difference in the world by transcending cultural and other boundaries

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