Jena Gerry

I am proud to nominate Jena Gerry as a Celebrating UW Women 2015 nominee. Jena is one of the most kind, compassionate and caring students I have the pleasure of knowing.  She is genuinely thoughtful, frequently asking about my workday and how I am doing. Jena also cares deeply for her colleagues and her residents, remembering details from previous conversations and following up frequently.  Jena has a strong pulse on her community and is respected by those who live on her floor. Jena is passionately pursing a career in Landscape Architecture.  As she progresses towards her degree in this field, I see how excited and enthusiastic she remains while working on projects and learning how to manipulate design software.   Though she is busy balancing her role as an RA with her school work, she always gives 100% to every task she takes on. The University of Washington truly benefits to count Jena amongst its student leaders.

Jena is an incredible student, friend, colleague and woman. She has the ability of turning an absolutely horrid day completely upside down with just a few words. She is fiercely driven, gives her all to her schoolwork and still manages to be a phenomenal Resident Advisor. Her hard working demeanor does not stop her from being an amazing friend. She is constantly caring about others around her, and goes out of her way to make you feel better. Jena is an amazing RA, and has built a safe and warm community for her residents. She is an exemplary woman who deserves this recognition beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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