Jessica Salvador

The Leadership in Higher Education M.Ed. cohort is delighted to recognize and celebrate Jessica Salvador among excellent female students, staff, and faculty at the University of Washington. Jessica, a Ph.D. student in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, also serves as a Graduate Staff Assistant for the Leadership in Higher Education (LHE) program in the College of Education. Within the program, she has been instrumental in brainstorming, strategizing, and implementing this inaugural LHE program from the ground up. In addition, she has been a wonderful advisor to students in our cohort. We have depended on her insight and expertise as we have navigated internships, set up class schedules, written resumes, processed information from classes, and applied for jobs. She is a wise advisor as she listens well and offers feedback that empowers students. In the community, she is our advocate, building bridges to help us connect our classroom learning with real-world practice. As a scholar, Jessica also serves as an intelligent, strong, inquisitive, and impassioned role model. Our cohort is grateful for Jessica’s outstanding contributions to the M.Ed. program. It has been an honor for us to work with and learn from her this year.

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